A suburban weekend

Isn’t it amazing what a difference a little bit of sunshine can make, offering us a glimpse of another life, a different way of living. Memories of holidays rush to the fore, from the early morning birdsong to the dusky barbeques and glasses of cold wine, droplets of condensation glistening as they race each other down the stem.

Of course living in a suburban cul-de-sac there are certain things that need done on such a weekend and so the air is soon filled with the buzz of lawn mowers, the rip of hedge trimmers. People pottering around their gardens filling the air with the sounds of summer; a tranquil busy-ness fills the air.

Evening descends and the smells of summer build, the heady fragrance of a million blooms is joined by charred burgers and seared chicken. The clink of cutlery and laughter of friends join the throng, rendering past and future days invisible. The mood is light, playful and friendly, neighbours chat over fences, lowering their guard, everyone is smiling.

Such is the power of the sun.

We all know it will be gone by Monday, with tidy gardens, clean cars, and leftover food the only reminders. Watching the skies as the week progresses we hope for a repeat.

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mum says:

The only thing that slightly annoys me is that all the garden machinery sounds the same as it is mostly electric – mowers, strimmers, scarifiers, hedge cutters, leaf blowers, leaf shredders, power hoses etc. The most evocative sound I think is that of an old ‘push along’ mower – that and the sunset chorus – which can rival the dawn chorus and is easier to listen to as it’s not disturbing your sleep and you often have a glass of something in your hand by that time………

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