Costa de la destinación Tropical

OK, if this link works correctly, the cross marks the exact position on the roof terrace where I’ll spend most of my days next week. The beach is just too far (well not really … scroll down that page a little… ).

The weather looks ok, and I’ve got a fully loaded iPod and a few books to get me through. I may have to resort to alcohol at some points of.. every evening.. but don’t worry, I’ll survive.

And don’t panic, I have found the time to line up the odd post for you to keep you amused in my absence. Ohh sure there are other blogs you COULD read but, frankly, why would you? I mean aside from the fact they are better written, funnier, more interesting and maintained by much smarter people… they aren’t written by ME are they. Pffftttt.

I will think of you all whilst slapping on the suntan lotion, or splashing in the pool and I DO expect some comments on my posts. Ohh and don’t post any links in your comments or they’ll get held for moderation and won’t appear until I get back. You have been warned.

Mind you, whilst I’m not PLANNING on checking in… well, you know how it goes. You don’t? Well it generally goes something like this:

“Ohh this is lovely, strolling along the promenade, stopping when we like… don’t you think darling?”
“Ehh.. wot? Ohh strolling… yes. Lovely.. Promenade… mmmmmm…”
“What are you looking at over there?”
“Me? Nothing.. well.. actually.. you know what… I think that looks lik..”
“Don’t you dare!”
“Wot? Aawww come on, it serves coffee too… ”
“I thought you said you ‘could survive a week’ without worrying about that bloody website of yours!!”
“But, darling, angel, love of my life, I’ve covered this already…

Anyway, enough jabber. See you all on the 12th, play nice.


  1. Have a great holiday. I’ve suggested an alternative venue for the Edinburgh blogmeet on the Scottish Blogs site. The Regent is far better than the Jolly Judge, and has the added attraction of a refreshing mountain walk when Web 2.0 chat starts to pall.

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