Update: Allowing people to add a comment might help, huh. Should be working now. Apologies for being a numpty.

So, it’s not all working yet but, frankly, that jarring Christmas theme was beginning to annoy.

Whaddya think?

Ohh. You might wanna refresh the page, by the way, for there is a new coat of paint on the site.

What’s new?

Well for a start the comments are now WordPress comments. No more pop-ups. Gosh I’m SO up-to-date, aren’t I. And no, I haven’t imported all the old comments, as important as they are it’s just TOO manual labour. I might do them slowly, in small batches. But I doubt it.

Same goes for the miniblog, the old posts will remain on Blogger, and the comments on HaloScan. Frankly I’ve got better things to do with my time!

The miniblog is now controlled by WordPress too (and will take a wee while to fully populate). I see the posts are listed in the “previous posts” list above, need to sort that one out..

What else? Well a few bits and bobs, but nothing too major.

What’s still broken?

Several things. The search works but not quite how I want it. The archives might NOT work. The comments aren’t finished yet either… ohh and the links don’t seem to have come through in the blogroll.

I’ll continue to tinker with this tomorrow but for now, say hello to “Informationally Overloaded 2007” (at bloody last!).

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Well the blogroll is there now.. one down… 43 to go!

Why? A sincere question, not a criticism. And HNY to you both if it’s not already in the vanished whatever.

As ever with you designs, Gordon, this is absolutely gorgeous. You’re sickeningly good at this stuff and I’m not jealous at all, oh no. And having said that, it’s because your designs are so marvellous that it allows me to be uber-critical. So two things: is the title at the top slightly off-centre, or are my eyes playing tricks on me? And I suppose, just because I like white space, I would have a bit more padding between, say, the miniblog/links list and the main blog, and between the title areas and the blog. So, yes, it probably is just me.

But it’s lovely.

I like it and WordPress comments are better.

Peter – Why? Because I get bored, because I LIKE change, because the motivation changes as do the means and the knowledge. Why did you start including videos? Same kinda thing I think.

AUW – Yeah I’m still tweaking the whitespace.. but yer eyes might be squint.

David – thanks.

Never mind why Gordon, where in the name of the ineffable bob do you find the time?

Nice design. I likey.

Question, why is the font for the name/email/site in for comments like two orders of magnitude bigger than the text in the boxes?

I like it too. The pale orange text on white isn’t an obvious choice, but it works.

Accessibility alert: how do you know everyone using the search box will be hitting return [i.e. using a keyboard]? I think a “Search” button next to the box is necessary, unless you have your reasons.

Nicety idea: you could change the text of the “First visit” intro by checking for a commenter’s cookie.

Pedantic semantics: I’d like the Previous Posts list to be an ordered list, with CSS removing the numbered bullets [and to have a clearer indication of where one title ends and the next begins, since the underline disappears on visited links]. Ta. ๐Ÿ™‚

Nice – clear and I like the colours, and lack of colours. I’m not keen on previous posts which merge into one long line of links but that’s being anal. Archives links different at top and bottom of page. Would like contact link at top.

Like non pop-up comment though. Very impressed overall!

I like it, it’s very classy.

Um, I find the serif font a little hard on my eyes. But perhaps that’s just on this rubbish laptop screen.

Nice work Gordon.

It looks like an art gallery over here now. Lots of clean white space.

I’ve never once messed with my format. Its too scary. I’m afraid I’ll turn it into a messy html blood bath with code dripping down the sides of the blog.

Generally, I like it. And I much prefer the new inline comments over the older popup windows. Well done on creating something else for me to envy.

Couple of very minor points though:

Using MSIE 6.0 on a PC, I see that the comment numbers are being cut off. I see only the last few pixels of the number.

The style sheet rules for the links are inconsistent on the site. Some have underline and others not, some are orange and others blue, and some have hover rules that change the colour to red and others not. From a usability standpoint, it would be better to have everything the same.

Thanks all. ALL of your comments taken on board, as I said, there is a fair bit still to do.. I now just need to find the time to do it! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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