My lunch with my co-workers to be went well. Seem like a nice bunch although it’s hard to get a real impression of such a large group of people from one afternoon. Roll on January 8th!

New phone is good. It’s completely different from my last phone and I’m slowly figuring out how to do the basic things, so aside from the fact that the home screen graphic features the Houses of Parliament (and even then it’s the wrong way round for some reason), it’s already proving a more than capable successor to my old C600.

Bad joke from pub last night. Sitting at the bar with my mate when one of the staff came round with a plate of homemade chips. I took one, and made a comment about it’s shape (it was a nice thick flat chip, yummy). My mate said that it was just another ubiquitous chip. Guess where we were drinking

Christmas shopping is drawing to a close. A CD and some books for my Gran and we’re done. We’ll we’re done BUYING things but I’m still waiting on three things arriving, all for Louise! I’m trying not to stress over it… yet.

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