Bloody Google

Things wot I have learnt in the past few days.

Man-size tissues should be mandatory. The piffly wee Kleenex ones, whilst they come in a nice box, are next to useless against the mucus factory in my head. One blow into a regular Kleenex tissue and I end up with … well I’m sure you can use your imaginations.

Checking the spelling of a word by googling it doesn’t always work. If your original guess at the spelling is way out, all you’ll get back are confirmations that yes, 147,583 people mis-spelled the word the same way you do. See Euchinasia for Echinacea, as an example.

Feed a cold, starve a fever they say. I’ll second that, as I’ve been ravenous. Unfortunately our house has recently been relocated to Dietland so that means I’m gorging myself on rice crackers, pretzels (the small dried UK kind), and … ohh… fruit. When what I really want is stodgy pies, doughnuts and a great big dripping QuarterPounder with Cheese… and yes I’d like to Supersize that. Completely futile anyway as I can’t taste a damn thing… ast night I had some chicken and potatoes and SALAD CREAM just so I could taste something!

Olbas oil may stink out the entire room but it does mean that I can breath through my nose for the first time in two days.

I STILL have man-flu.


More sympathy please. Ta.