All at once

Funny how it happens, call it coincidence, call it fate, call it pain in the arse timing, but why ohh why ohh WHY do these things happen?!

I’ve been invited to a birthday party, and I’d really like to go. Unfortunately it’s in London and, on the day in question, I’ll be in Spain. I’m a bit miffed about this, but such is life. There will be other birthday parties I know.

In other news my mate Stuart and I spent HOURS demolishing part of a ceiling our our mate Ian’s house (he’s just out of hospital and not up to doing the work himself ya see). Hours we were at it, and to pay us back Ian made a fabulous steak pie. Delish, and rounded off with some Peckham’s cheesecake.

We also drank a lot of red wine, talked about old times, new times, and daft things. Tried not to laugh too much when Stuart said… ohh no, I said I wouldn’t mention that 😉

So, we were slightly fuzzy headed this morning as we sat in Ian’s living room, supping coffee and watching the neighbourhood sparrowhawk have it’s blackbird breakfast. Lovely.

I had planned on getting up early and heading home for my morning jog session but, well I couldn’t be arsed. We’re approaching the last week of the ten week block and it’s only the second time I’ve missed it so it’s not too bad, especially as I went out this afternoon and ran for longer than I would’ve anyway.. AND it was hilly, and hot. Still enjoying it though and have a 5K in my sights soon.

So, after the ceiling destruction yesterday, today we planned the shuffling of the ‘office’ (the spare bedroom, or ‘wee’ room in most houses) to accomodate Louise’s sideline. Basically it means clearing out a load of junk (I’m about part way through and can’t be arsed finishing it right now), buying a new desk for the computer, and shuffling some furniture around. We think it’ll work.

At least we think the desk arrangement will work, whether we can work in the same room, at the same time, remains to seen…

How the hell was your weekend?