What's New?

This weekend we have mostly…

Visited garden centres.
Bought plants.
Finished digging out the new bed in the side garden (photos will follow).
Laid out new plants in side bed.
Re-arranged plants in side bed.
Went to visit my Gran in hospital (more on that later).
Re-arranged plants in side bed.
Re-arranged plants in side bed.
Watch the World Cup Final.
Moaned when the Italians won.

That’s the short version.

My parents arrived on Saturday morning and after a quick coffee we headed off “down the valley”. The Clyde Valley is full of garden centres from the more traditional style —two long greenhouses— to the more modern style —the ones with coffee shops and gifts— and a several other types in-between.

We had lunch in one, and proceeded to fill the boot of my Dad’s Laguna (in other words filled a VERY big boot) with all sorts of greenery. I’d love to give you the names but … well it’s the one part of gardening I’ve yet to embrace. The names. There are so many of them and I have so little inclination to learn them. That’s why I have a wife.

Saturday afternoon was spent digging holes and hacking at tree roots in the effort to form the new bed in the side garden. We’ve gone for a paisley pattern shape. Alas the weather was against us so we retreated in doors to watch Germany thrash Portugal, not a bad game spoiled, again, by a certain player diving. It’s a shame really, as he’s very talented… but that seems to have been the theme of the weekend.

Sunday morning, more digging and hacking and the bed is almost ready for plants. It still needs a good once over, but that’ll be much easier now as I’ve managed to get rid of most of the roots and rocks that kept getting in the way. Unfortunately I managed to tweak a nerve in my arm so couldn’t finish it off yesterday, but if it stays dry I might get a little more done tonight. Maybe. After all there’s no more footie!

And what about that game… I really thought France were going to sneak a deserved win until Zidane’s moment of madness. I really REALLY want to know what Materazzi said to him, as it certainly provoked quite a reaction. What a terrible way to end your career, but hey, it’s not all bad, apparently FIFA have still awarded him the Golden Ball for being the tournament’s best player. Granted he WAS the best player but if they didn’t give Cristiano Ronaldo the young player award for his ‘unsporting’ conduct, how can they give Zidane the best player award?

Anyway, enough of all that. When does the footie season start?

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