March In Review



  • Moved into my new flat.
  • Saw Russell Howard on his current tour
  • Was at a comedy gig (see above) where a fight broke out!
  • Got some major tattoo envy at the Scottish Tattoo Convention (but no tattoo)

Stepcount: 314,071.


Highlight – A Man Called Ove by Fredrik Bachman
No idea why I picked this up but so glad I did. It took me a few chapters to get into it but it’s well worth it. A bittersweet tale that will make you laugh and smile, as the story of Ove unfolds. Ohhh and it’ll make you cry as well, but it’s a wonderful book, that I highly recommend.

Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee – started this for the next Book Club, so far it’s … well I’m holding off making a judgement (let’s just say it’s no To Kill a Mockingbird…).


Highlight – Hidden Figures
No wonder it won Oscars. Fantastic movie, tackling the discrimination of NASA scientists through the eyes of three black women who made the Apollo program possible. Didn’t sugar coat anything, but didn’t preach, felt very realistic, and very emotional, from anger to joy and everything in between.

Also good

  • Logan – For all the flaws, I love the X-Men ‘world’ and this was a different take on that, a very mature look at a couple of the key characters. Very violent in places, and very ‘X-men’ at times, it was also darker in tone, sobering take on the last throes of Logan.
  • Kong Island – Stupidly massive monster movie. It was awesome. Silly when it needed to be, and only ever got serious as a ‘pause’ to the amazing CGI effects.
  • Gilmore Girls (Netflix) – Finally watching this and after a so-so first season I’m really enjoying the sarcastic banter.