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A few historical sites had open days this weekend, so Louise and I headed off to visit Glasgow Cathedral. What a glorious building. I can’t really say much more than that (or I’d be here all day), suffice to say that there is something very powerful about buildings of that stature, maybe not religious (for me at least) but very evocative.

After that we wandered round the Necropolis as Louise missed the guided tour last year as she wasn’t well. Odd to think that the very next day we were rushing to the airport only to find out it was too late…

Anyway, needless to say I took some photos (I took a LOT of photos, these are the best of a bad bunch).

Then it was off to Babbity Bowster for some hearty food in a smoke free environment – bliss indeed – and then a little bit of shopping before our weary feet headed for home. It was a lovely day, much needed after the marathon of last week. Louise and I had were more like house guests, meeting at breakfast and occasionally late at night, so it was good to touch base and spend a day with my loving, funny, and fabulous wife. I do love her so.

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