A while back I mentioned that I’d been ask to give a presentation on “Blogging and Communities”. Well I’ve finally finished writing the damned thing and wondered if anyone would be interested in giving me some feedback. Obviously I’ll be talking over and through these slides, and I’m confident enough on the topic that I won’t just be reading the slides (death by powerpoint!), so I can only really ask you guys and gals for thoughts on structure and topic choice.

The audience is people who want to explore different ways of increasing communication and learning in their organisation or business place, but it’s more about the basics of blogging and I’ll give them a quick demo of creating a new blogspot blog as well (all 4 minutes of it). It’s a 45 minute slot, and I’m pretty sure I can waffle for that long on this topic, as I’m sure you’ll agree. I will be rehearsing, so please spare some thought for my captive audience darling wife.

Anyhoo, here’s a PDF of the presentation (final draft).

Have at it!