In Her Shoes

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Note to self: A wee bit of research wouldn’t go amiss sometimes. Taking your wife to the cinema to ‘take her mind off things’ is all well and good but, given recent events, not when the movie in question revolves around the theme of family, belonging and the death of a mother.

Still, we did laugh about it afterwards.

We also laughed during the film, or maybe just a mild chuckle here and there, and certainly not as much as we laughed when Cameron Diaz and Toni Collette appeared on Jonathan Ross on Friday night (and how funny is Jimmy Carr!).

The movie was the story of two sisters and how they coped with the death of their mother. It wasn’t a depressing or sad movie, and it had some lovely moments in it even if they were a bit schmaltzy. Toni Collette impressed again in a fairly straight role as the dowdy lawyer to Cameron Diaz’s blonde, ditzy party girl, and the interaction between the two lead actresses felt very natural. Shirley Maclaine breezed through the movie, once a class act always a class act, but despite that it never really hooked me.

All in all I’ve spent worse hours in the cinema, I’ve also spent many better. We HAD planned to go and see Elizabethtown but I think the Brothers Grimm will be next.