Closely Cropped

Do you shave? If so, what do you use? Wet or dry? Two blades, three blades, five?? Electric or manual?

I’ve been a wet shaver for years now, two blades and a little shaving oil is plenty for me to whisk away those annoying (for the wife) bristles. I keep missing the bit in the middle of my chin though, odd that.

Back in the day I had an electric foil razor and it was pretty handy for a quick once over, just enough to make you presentable for another day at the grindstone. I’m not entirely sure why I stopped using it, but I’m guessing it would be around the time I grew my goatee (or soul patch as some people inaccurately call it).

Anyway, I have a quick question for those that use an electric razor. I’m looking for a comparison between a Philishave (three rotating heads) razor and a foil razor. Good? Bad? Any specific things to be wary of?

FYI – I rarely cut myself wet shaving, and don’t suffer from overly sensitive skin or razor rash, but sometimes a wet shave is just a little too demanding of my time in the morning. I’m guessing that, long-term, it’ll save me a little money as well, those razor blades are chuffing expensive!

So it’s over to you dear reader. You have a chance to influence my Christmas present, so be nice!