Ohh so much to say, so little of it will make any sense if you weren’t there…

The problem with having fun is how quickly time flies. This was one of many thoughts that zipped across my brain as I trundled homeward on the train, gazing out of the window as the sun set, burning the sky.

In a way I was more nervous about this blogmeet as if only a couple of people had turned up for this one then I doubt if I’d already be thinking about the next one (yes yes, it’ll be Glasgow).

So, without reservation and with a great deal of sincerity I’d like to thank the following for turning up and making the day.. well… bloody great.

Photos from the event will appear here and on the blogs listed above (we’re a surprisingly photogenic bunch, even if I do say so myself).

Ohh and thanks to Richard for posting the list – despite being hugely organised I forgot to take home my notebook with everyone’s URLs written on it! But as David (wee) pointed out, I could have emailed it to myself from his laptop. Oh yes, some geekery was to be had, but I think the balance was pretty good.

Finally a quick note of thanks to the staff and owner of the Jolly Judge. Not only is it a nice pub, but the staff are great and we even got a round of drinks on the house. Very generous!

I’ll leave you now with one question, as asked by Peter: “Which is your favourite blog?” (and you are only allowed one!). That certainly got us all thinking!

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Doing my best to find a balance.

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