This time tomorrow I’ll be in sunny Edinburgh. Well technically speaking I’ll be in a pub in the basement of a building so the chances of getting any sun are remote. Too late to change the venue now though.

I’m quite looking forward to this blogmeet. The first one was exciting for different reasons, not least if anyone would turn up (thankfully someone did), but there is also the rather odd experiencing of meeting, what is essentially a group of strangers. This time round I think we’ll number between 5 and 10 depending on who arrives when, couple of people are coming along later, and if everyone makes it, and I’m hoping to get to meet three bloggers in particular who I’ve been reading for a long time, autographs will be sought!

Those of you have attended other blogmeets will realise that, of COURSE we don’t sit around and talk about HTML, WordPress, CSS, RSS or anything else along those lines. Believe it or not we are there because we are interested in meeting the PEOPLE behind the blogs, and believe it or not, nearly ALL of us are normal. Nearly…

I’m also going to head through a little earlier and have a wee wander round Edinburgh. It’s a city I’m only passingly familiar with, much to my shame. I’ve only ever been there for events (concerts, interviews and the like) and know the main parts reasonably well but much of it is lost on me – I have promised myself that I’ll take the Rebus Tour someday but not sure what Louise would get from that.

Anyway, to anyone in the Edinburgh area on Saturday it’s not too late to come along, even if you can only pop in for a wee while and to say hello, and meet some of the foremost members of Scottish Blogs*. I think this blogmeet will be the best attended so far, and can only lead to … er… more blogmeets? Next one will be in Glasgow though, there’s only SO much Edinburgh this west-coaster can handle in a year.

* or anyone who happens to turn up…

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