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The scene: A rather bemused man shuffles onto the darkened stage. He’s dressed in a bad suit, is carrying a few extra pounds (or 20), but seems like someone who you’d describe as “quite a nice guy”. He approaches the isolation of the spotlight, and steps up to the lone microphone.

“Er… hello” he says, not really sure where to begin. He pauses and peers out into the haze that envelops the audience.

“Well I see some new faces out there, so welcome. Emm.. feel free to have a look around… ohh and be careful where you step, but don’t worry, there’s nothing dangerous in here”


That idea worked better in my head.

So yes, hello, good evening and welcome to all the readers of The Scottish Sunday Times Ecosse magazine. Well when I say “all” I obviously mean the ones with better taste and the ability to use an internet browser. For all my regular readers (yes both of you) please forgive this rather blatant pandering to my fifteen seconds of fame.

I guess I should offer my thoughts about the article, but I have to say that it was “exquisitely dull”, but then it’s a bit like asking a Formula One driver how he enjoyed his drive to the local supermarket. I do agree with the closing statement though:

“… you suspect that the end-user is the last thing blogging is about”

Which is, of course, partially true. However, it’s the worst kind of broad, sweeping generalisation that stems from a lack of understanding of the finer nuances of a new medium. Let me offer a small quote, left in a comment on another site, which I thought summed up the “blogosphere” perfectly:

“Blogging in itself is stupid, really, and self indulgent (or perhaps that’s just my approach to it). But it’s a hobby, and we are a nation who love our pointless little hobbies. It’s no more corrosive than other hobbies. Or rather, it shouldn’t be.”

Quoted from sarsparilla.

Anyway, enough of this nonsense.

Here is the article in question, thankfully minus the photo of my leering mug (which included a superimposed screenshot of the Benway Bunnies website for some reason I can’t quite fathom).

UPDATE: Here is a photo of my photo. Viewer discretion advised!

Addendum: Peter offers his thoughts on the article.

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