T in the Park #7

Saturday on the NME Stage

Moving away from the dance tent we head to the NME Stage. Rock music reigns, and I’ll feel a bit more comfortable over there (boy will I EVER look out of place in the dance tent). Once again, any advice or previous experience is welcomed.

  • Muse – MUST SEE! No arguments, I’ll probably ending up moshing next to my sister.
  • The Libertines – Not that fussed actually, never really got into them, but I’m sure they will be OK.
  • Wu Tang Clan – Could be good live, could be awful. Undecided as yet.
  • Keane – “miserable Coldplay-esque indie-lite” is fairly accurate. Not that fussed.
  • Funeral for a Friend – Heard of… had a single out a while back.. nu-metal/poprock I think?
  • British Sea Power – Will be asking round work as I know a couple of the guys like them.
  • The Zutons – Heard of, not heard.
  • Dogs Die in Hot Cars – Seemingly another “next big thing, well maybe the one after that..”
  • The Shins – Another THE band which automatically makes me think of them as something they are probably not.

I’ll recap all your feedback on Wednesday, after that it’s the main stage run down!