Train Journeys

Why is it always the nights that you are dying to get home that the train stops inbetween stations and sits there for 20 minutes? No explanation, no apology.

And why does the “Loudest Woman in the World” always have to get on my carriage? I really don’t care why the police stopped her for ‘sitting in her car waiting for another car to come down the hill’ or that she ‘always gets the worst colds, worst of everyone in her family and work’, all it needs is for her to start passing holiday photos round the carriage… (I’ll spare you the description of the operation her Aunt Margaret went through, but only for brevity as it took her several minutes to describe).

And why, if you have a mobile phone, would you turn it up so the ringtone carries the full length of the carriage and then sit there and not answer it? Damn thing rang for about 2 minutes. Only when it rang again did the guy actually answer the call.

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