My Mum phoned from Austria, they are off to Neuschwanstein Castle tomorrow. Seem familiar? A flying car landed there once, driven by Dick van Dyke of all people.

Poor Jennie’s check card number was stolen – ya still gotta be careful kids, only give it out to somewhere or someone you trust. OK that just sounds patronising, it was supposed to be light-hearted. Sorry. The offer stands Jen!

Leanne reminds me to shut up once in a while and listen to other people – perfect timing for a night out on Friday.

The naughty girl who talks about orgasms has kindly linked to this little site. If you are visiting from there, welcome, I hope I don’t disappoint, and that my links are truely ‘nummy’ (I even tried looking it up in the dictionary, still no idea). I foresee a staged battle between her and Pinky… now THAT would be something to video!

OK think that’s me for the meantime.. think.. still surfing… who knows…