Finished work on 23rd December 2000, back to work today 8th January 2001.

It’s strange how quickly we humans adjust to our situations. Just started work after two weeks off. Already I’m back in ‘work’ mode. I had managed to do very little work during my holiday (I know, that sounds odd), and I was enjoying not having to concentrate on anything more arduous than reading books, listening to some CDs, and pottering about the flat.

I spent this morning in a kind of limbo. I had forgotten how many things I had to do, despite the fact I had managed to finish a lot off before I finished before Christmas. I find myself having to react to people, having to make decisions, having to think!

It seems to mimick my life at the moment, reacting, leaping from one role to another, coping with one event, then another.

Quiet resolution to remain calm. Not to stress too much. My ambitions may get in the way, frustration a constant thorn. I am determined though. I will organise my time as best I can, and if it can’t be done, it can’t be done.

So I’m adjusting. Altering habits and patterns. Won’t be easy and might not work, but hey what have I got to lose?

Hmmmm, that’s a hell of a positive attitude…maybe I should adjust that first.

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