My ISP (LineOne) recently ended the payment scheme I was using. I had 24/7 access for £5 a month. They are now offering LineOne SurfTime (run of the back of the BT SurfTime package) for £9.99 a month for off-peak access only. Unfortunately my local exchange is not yet equipped to handle SurfTime so it isn’t available to me. Which means I am left to pay for any Internet calls as I make them – an expensive business. We rent our accomodation so can’t get cable in. In short I’m screwed.

BT have promised my exchange will be SurfTime compatible by the end of October. Until that time these will be the only updates you see on this site. Once I regain my Internet access, I will post the new design (which is 95% done), and upload a lot of stuff that has been waiting for a while…

So Great Britain is at the forefront of technology? I don’t flaming well think so!! BAH!!

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