Lucy is 6

Dear Lucy,

Right. You can stop now. Stop all this growing up and going to school and becoming a young woman already. I will not stand for this nonsense!

I jest, a little, but your Aunt Becca and I were just saying the other day how sometimes we see photos of you and can’t believe how grown up you look. Of course you are a big girl now, and a smart one from what we can tell, enjoying doing Maths at school (I’m no help with that I’m afraid) and I definitely think you are enjoying being a big sister to Daisy.

It’s been quite a year hasn’t it, and it seems like no time at all since I was last sitting down to write to you for your birthday. A whole year of learning to be a sister, which I know it’s always fun for you but you’ve adapted so well and it’s clear that you care for Daisy and awful lot. You are also sprouting up again and are constantly full of intriguing questions and wanting to learn about so many things, mind you a lot of that right now is focussed on make up but that’s ok, you’ve got to figure out all the things you like and don’t like, I’m just glad I’ve not had a makeover (yet?).

I do feel a little bad that we haven’t been able to see you too much this past year, the joys of a pandemic followed by the arrival of your cousin Jack curtailed our time together but I’m keen to make up for that when I can, after all what’s the point of having a niece if I can’t spoil her now and then, right? And we’d better take time now before your wee sister starts to get involved too!

You do remind me of your Mum at this age, she had the same wide-eyed fascination and endless energy that you have and I makes me realise how lucky I am that you still want to spend time with me and even trust me enough to show me your secret diary! (sshhhh I won’t tell anyone about your boyfriend, or that his name is Sam!).

What a pleasure and privilege it is to be your Uncle, although I definitely owe you some ice cream I think, so let’s make a date!

Uncle G x