June in Review



Aside from that, counselling still going well, so well that we’ve paused my visits and I get to fly solo for a while. Meditation has slipped the past couple of weeks so need to get back to that, and a few days of flu-like symptoms has stopped me from going to the gym and I’m missing it.

Me. Missing going to the gym. Who’d a thunk it!

Stepcount: 258,261.


Eleanor and Park by Rainbow Rowell
Read this for Book Club. Didn’t actually GO to book club as I was full of the cold but I enjoyed this a lot more than I thought I would. It’s engagely written and you are quickly taken back to those school days when you discovered friendship and more with someone else. The fondness, the excitement, the building love of the two main characters as they slowly discover each other and themselves was endearing.


Wonder Woman
There has been a lot written about this and rightly so. Massive box office hit featuring a strong female lead (not the first strong female lead but I don’t think Alien opened as strongly at the cinema?) and directed by a woman. In no shock to a lot of people it was smart, funny, and less focused on the usual superhero mantras of ‘power’ and ‘dominance’ (the fact that Wonder Woman has both is never the focus).

And it was funny. And moving. And well balanced. And (mostly) well paced (that final fight scene was a bit too long for my tastes). It was fantastic and I really hope this is more of the direction that DC take with their superhero storylines, can you imagine Justice League being less focused on the men? That’d be something.

Also good

  • American Gods – finally started watching this and it’s growing on me. Visually stunning, echoes of Hannibal, and Gillian Anderson at her scene stealing best (although Crispin Glover brings his usual ‘weird’ to play with chilling effect).
  • OITNB – an odd season give it’s set over the course of a few days, and OMG how good is Uzo Aduba (Suzanne)! Strong performances throughout as well.


I’m seeing Radiohead this week and their headline set makes me hopeful for a repeat in Glasgow. Foo Fighters did what they do best, rocked hard for 2 and a bit hours and yes, their cover of Under Pressure brought tears. Katy Perry looked like a lot of fun, Barry Gibb was unsuprisingly excellent (why are the Sunday evening ‘headliners’ still surprising people? They’ve been doing this shit for decades!). Elbow and The Killers as ‘surprise’ acts would’ve been amazing to see for the buzz that generated. Kinda gutted I was watching it all from a sofa, but glad I was able to share the Saturday night with friends.