April in review



Stepcount: 285,483.


Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee
I only read one book last month, and this was it. The choice of book club and it was largely uninspiring. There is some good writing, the dialogue is pretty snappy, but I just never felt a connection or interest in the main characters. If To Kill a Mockingbird was your favourite book I’m not sure if I’d recommend this or not. It might ruin it for you, or enrich the world the characters live in. Either way it wasn’t for me.


Highlight – Beauty and the Beast
I was wary when the remade The Jungle Book (my childhood fav) but given how well it was handled, I was looking forward to, and richly rewarded by, this remake of Beauty and the Beast. Sumptuous, clever, and nice updates on the songs and set pieces, it was at once familiar and new and I loved every second of it! A true musical feast.

Also good

  • Midnight Special – finally caught this, right up my street. Slow burner, subtle direction and acting. Scene by scene some stellar performances. Michael Shannon remains a favourite. Highly recommended.
  • Free Fire – ridiculously wonderful, a riot of set-pieces and violence when a gun deal goes sour.
  • Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 – Liked this a lot. Was fun but possibly a little OTT and trying a little too hard?
  • Iron Fist (Netflix) – YAWN. Could’ve been so much better but again the TV shows from Marvel are SO SO SLOW.


NOTHING NEW, need to change this!