3 Rings to rule them all

19 days of full circles

19 days through the month and so far so good! I’ve managed to complete all three rings every day, which has included a wedding in Coventry last weekend. I’m enjoying the walks, some longer than others, and my clothes feel a little bit looser (the scales will confirm at the end of the month).

However there are downsides, most notably my ITB which has flared up. Ibuprofen gel keeps it at bay thankfully, and I’m using the PURE EVIL that is my foam roller to stretch it out. I’m also noticing that some days it’s a real struggle, and no matter where I walk my legs complain, whereas some other days I can walk about all day. I’ve not yet figured out why that is.

Overall I’m happy that I’ve managed to stick to this, I’m aware that around this point is where I start to make excuses and give up, with the ever present promise of ‘tomorrow’ easily offered as justification to myself.