This time last year

I was all prepared, the uniform was laid out ready for the 6am start, I had read through the guidelines in the pack we were given and was mostly pottering about my flat until the opening ceremony started.

The Commonwealth Games came to Glasgow last year, and I look back on my involvement with pride, happiness and a nice sense of nostalgic glee. It was a whirlwind week the memories of which will remain with me for a long long time.

I still wear the jacket we were given and occasionally get a knowing smile as I pass someone in the street.

This past week the World Swimming championships returned to Glasgow to the venue I attended, alas I wasn’t selected as a volunteer this time but here and there I see requests for help for various events and find myself pondering them (most recently this one).

It was a great time to be in Glasgow, the city was buzzing with so many tourists and supporting events, and it will live long in my memory.