The AMAZING Apple Watch

There is no doubt the Apple Watch™ is a lifestyle changing piece of technology.

It is a quintessentially Apple product that soon makes you forget it’s pulsing with electrons, a tiny technological marvel strapped to your wrist, and almost immediately it becomes an integral part of your life, intrinsic and woven into your everyday. Without it you are less, with it everything is more.

Why didn’t they say all this in the adverts!

When I ordered my Apple Watch™ I hadn’t fully appreciated the impact it might make but, as I’d held back from ordering one as soon as it was launched, I’ve had the time to read a lot of reviews driven by actual day to day usage. Reading those I knew that it would enrich my life in oh so many more ways than even Apple seem to have realised.

At first it was subtle.

I was more active (how quickly you get used to just standing up regardless of where you are or what you are doing, I was talking to more people, and widening my social circle, even including some people I didn’t even know – it’s a revelation, an enlightenment, to talk to perfect strangers and feel a connection with them, something all too lacking in our modern lives, glued to our phone screens as we are, as I was, but no longer.

Now I stride confidently with my head held high, part of this beautiful world that we inhabit. I feel calmer, more connected to the world. As I walk people look, some stare, some ask some questions.

It’s nice to feel popular, I’m wary it’s a temporary thing but no, it can’t be, not whilst I have my Apple Watch™ strapped to my wrist! It will never wane or fade, this is my new life, it’s all so exciting! Each day I wonder who will notice it, who I’ll talk to, who I’ll connect with on that deeper emotional level that eschews the technology itself.

Sometimes, of course, those connections are fleeting, a whispered nudge to a friend as they point at my wrist, or even just “Apple Watch™ wanker” murmured in passing. I can’t believe it, I am being noticed!! THIS is the attention I crave and deep down I’ll admit it’s one of the real reasons I wanted to get an Apple Watch™.

And for me this is the crux, this is the reason Apple will continue to rise and rise. It’s not just a company that makes products, it creates life-affirming objects that enhance everything around you, raising those who partake, and fully buy-in to living life the way Apple know it should be lived, to new heights of being, new realms of spirituality.

I still have riches to come as well, as yet I haven’t actually managed to find someone else with an Apple Watch™ but when I do, I’ll be drawing crude squiggles (haha! a penis, that will be funny!), or simply sharing my heartbeat which isn’t creepy because we’d both agree that it had no intent it was purely because the technology would allow us.

It may notify me of when I receive one of my 4 emails a day, or the occasional text from those lovely PPI people (I’ve text them back a few times, but they never respond. I’ll keep trying), and I think it also tells the time, but the biggest achievement Apple Watch™ has had is in transforming my life.

I might save up and get a new strap next as, whilst I love the sleek black that I bought, I don’t seem to be making as many connections with new friends as I have been recently, a bright green strap should help.

I wonder if I can get one with LEDs in it, maybe flashing ones in the shape of arrows pointing to this wonderful new part of me.

Yes, that’s right, it’s part of me. It’s not just a watch (sorry, not just an Apple Watch™).

I have to admit I’m glad it’s the summer, I hate to think what’ll happen when I have to start wearing jackets and jumpers again come Autumn. Maybe I’ll wear the Apple Watch™ over my clothes! Yes, I could start a new trend because everyone would notice it then!!

I love my Apple Watch™.

I should’ve written this post before now, I know, but life with my Apple Watch™ is a far more fulfilled and meaningful existence than I’d imagined.

Gosh, I wonder how this post will look on my Apple Watch™?!


  1. Ian Dick said:

    Well, hopefully the messages work 😉

    July 20, 2015
  2. swisslet said:

    ha! (although, in the interests of balance, I saw someone wearing one at work the other day and she managed to not look a total twat. First person I’ve seen who managed to pull that off. I had to double-take to be sure it was an Apple watch, I was so surprised)

    July 21, 2015

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