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Like many people, I recently “spent” 3 days holiday allowance to get an 11 day holiday (wonderful combination of bank holidays and the royal wedding).

So, what did I do on this mini-holiday?

Spent a couple of days surrounded by amazing scenery on the Isle of Skye for starters. We took a small (four car max) ferry across to the island, dined in a wonderful fresh fish restaurant on Portree harbour, fed some Highland cows, stood at the top of a big cliff, lost count of the number of times we both exhaled a “WOW” at the stunning views, took a boat trip out to see the seals, and experienced the settling of the gloaming as we drove back down through Glencoe. It was an eery half-light as night crept in, driving along at the foot of the mountains, soundtracked by The Villagers, I Saw The Dead. Spooky.

Also had some time catching up with old friends (that’s friends I’ve known for a long time, not old people, although Scunner is getting on a bit these days…), sitting in a beer garden on glorious sunshine. They are the type of friends that, no matter how long it’s been, you fall back into the same patterns with. The jokes and ribbing, the memories all combining to make it a great day, topped off by curry (which finished me off, I’m blaming the lime pickle).

And just yesterday I had a day in Stirling wandering around the university campus, feeding some very confident ducks that took the bread from the palm of your hand a day before a drive to Callander then a wee diversion to Balmaha (for some fab hot chocolate for me, bloody mary for Kirsty).

Aside from that, I spent far too much time playing with my new iPad, including a day of fighting off the lurgy, and not enough time setting up a test server for a website I’m currently building… oopsy.

And, with all that passed, it’s back to work.

Time to plan the next batch of fun!

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