Not written, yet

Quite a lot going on at the moment, but don’t worry dear blog reader I’ve not forgotten about you, I’ve still got plenty of things to post here just not really finding the time (or requisite brain power) to focus on them and think them through properly.

Here are some of the things I’ve started to write about but not yet posted.

In other words, “here are the posts languishing in DRAFT”.

  • Content from the ISTC and STC publications, why isn’t it all free?
  • Social Media Models, where I try and outline what I think are the models that we, as technical communicators can get the most value from adopting
  • The evils of presumption
  • Embracing user-generated content
  • Small social media. If your ‘community’ is very small, what will work for you?
  • How to stop thinking about documents

I will hopefully revisit some (all?) of these in the future, but before all that I have an eSeminar to prepare for, more details on that soon.


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