All systems go

Back from a leisurely week in Spain, it’s now February and, frankly, I need to get my ass in gear. I have plans, I have website clients, I have resolutions, and ain’t no-one but me that can do squat about them.

I need a little focus though, but that’s coming, things are becoming clearer and with a better view of what lies ahead, I can plan accordingly.

I’ve no idea what any of that means to be honest, other than now having a direction rather than aimlessly casting about depending on what grabbed my interest.

In other news, I read books. Four of them. Books are good, aren’t they. Not sure I could read one on an electronic device like the Kindle or iPad, although I can see an iPad in my future, but it’ll be version three or four I think, you know, once they’ve figured out just what the hell people would use it for.

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  1. graybo said:

    I may actually have found a use for an iPad, although my instinctive distaste of Apple will probably lead me to purchase a Dell or HP Windows device that does a similar job. At the moment, when visiting trade exhibitions, I can two heavy portfolio folders showing the products that I represent. I also carry print-outs of a couple of rather large spreadsheets full of data that invariably is useful in discussions with clients. Because the portfolio is heavily reliant on large and clear images and I need the text on the spreadsheets to be large enough to read easily, I’ve shied away from netbooks on the grounds of screen size. I carry my laptop, but don’t use ot too much because it takes a while to power up and is somewhat cumbersome. But a tablet – now that could be the answer, provided it powers up quickly, has at least 8 hours battery life, preferably 10 hours (and I mean in real life, not in some silly bench test) and has a large screen with good resolution. And an intuitive interface. Am I asking too much? Oh, and not too pricey, please and thank you.

    February 3, 2010

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