I’ve mentioned before that I’ll be attending, and presenting at, the Technical Communication Conference this year, but as the programme is now full I’ve been trying to pick my way through which sessions to attend. I think I’ve got it sussed.


Kicking off with the keynote from Peter Anghelides (who recently re-tweeted me on Twitter!).

Session 1 – Matthew Ellison – Pattern language for information architecture
As we delve into providing more of our information online, understanding how best to structure the information is key.

Session 2 – Kim Schrantz-Berquist – If you can write an article, you can write anything!
I have a long term goal to get my team to a position to allow them to write different kinds of information. Articles for our developer community are a good path towards that.

Session 3 – Linda Urban – Paths to success: networking and contributing (itโ€™s all about relationships)
Largely because I think it’ll fit in with my presentation the following day.

Sesson 4 – Chris Atherton – Visual attention: a psychologist’s perspective
Not something I’m particular clued up on so will be an interesting session.

Session 5 – TBC
Nothing really catches my eye, and still waiting to see what Paul Ballard is going to present. Might a good time to go grab a coffee?

Session 6 – David Mackay – talking about how he wrote his book
Always interesting to hear how these things come about.


Session 1 – Me!
I’m guessing I need to be at this one, right?

Session 2 – Nigel Greenwood – Quality Improvement in technical communication
A different take on things, and it’s usually informative to look at the way other professions do things, so this should be good.

Session 3 – Justin Collinge – The secrets of telepathy
Who wouldn’t want to learn telepathy! This will be useful as I’ve recently taken on Line Manager duties for some of the wider development team.

Session 4 – TBC
Either going for the session about localisation or the one on how to start up your own docs business…. hmmmm

Session 5 – TBC
There is still a slot to be filled, so I’ll wait until that happens and then decided. At the moment, its looking like an early end to the day.

Session 6 – Adobe
Will probably skip this as we are no longer an Adobe house.

So, add in the Gala Dinner and it’s a pretty busy couple of days. As ever I’m going to miss some sessions that I would liked to have attend but I’ve got a pretty good balance of things here, most of which benefit the company that is allowing me the time to attend, a couple of which will help me as a professional.

I’ll most definitely be twittering and will write some thoughts post-event as well. The chances of me blogging are slim but you never know (I’m wary that my 9am slot on the Thursday morning may be in jeopardy if I get ‘forced’ into the bar on Wednesday evening…).

I’m looking forward to the conference, my first ISTC conference as it happens, and as two other members of the team are off to Cardiff for the UA Conference it’s safe to assume we’ll be heading towards the end of the year a-buzz with ideas and enthusiasm.

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Rachel P says:

I’m so impressed by your organisation in thinking ahead that I decided have a go at it myself. My results are a bit muddier, than yours:


Hi Gordon,

Thanks for your interest in my session … obviously, having a keen interest in blogging, I’ll be at yours, too! 9am the day after the dinner is a tough gig but I’m sure you’ll do great ๐Ÿ™‚


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