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I wanted to mark today, specifically to mention here so I don’t forget it. My memory is lousy and no matter what the future may hold, I want to mark down today as a day I was inspired.

My sister-in-law graduated today and now holds a degree in Dietetics. I’m not quite sure what letters she can now use after her name, I’m guessing BSc, but I do know she got the equivalent of a 2.1 (but they don’t state that as she isn’t doing her Honours).

She’s not the type to make a big fuss over things, and chatting with her after the graduation ceremony she was quite calm and accepting of the fact. And why shouldn’t she be? She’s done all the studying, the essays, the juggling of placements around her work hours, so I guess she’s at the point where it’s a bit of a given that she now has a degree.

Her kids are all very proud of her, three of them were there today but unfortunately her oldest son couldn’t because he’s just (this morning at 2am) become a Dad for the first time, and I’m certain her Dad is thrilled and the only shame is that her Mum couldn’t see this day.

So, well done Claire. I don’t think there are all that many mothers who aren’t long past THAT ‘big’ birthday, have brought up four wonderful children, have kept down a job and who have just received a degree (which included a year of pre-degree coursework at college).

I have to admit I had a little pang of jealousy as, having not found my passion until later in life, I didn’t finish my degree (Electronic Engineering for what it’s worth… not much, trust me!). It might spark me into pursuing that MBA I’ve been eyeing up for the past couple of years.

Regardless, I’m chuffed to bits for her, she’s worked her ass off these past few years and I’m sure the true sense of her achievement will start to sink in soon.

And I’m really not trying to bask in her glory by suggesting that proof-reading her essays was what really made the difference, honest I’m not…

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Congratulations to her! Fantastic! A friend’s mum got her lawyer’s degree – not quite sure what it’s called in English – when she was 47, and has a brilliant career now. So it’s never too late. Having just started with photography – although having had years of contact with it, obviously -, it always gives me hope when people do these kinds of things.

ME! says:

I hadn’t seen this, thanks G,


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