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I woke at… well… I think it was about 6.30am on Sunday. I went downstairs, fed the cat, put some coffee on and made some breakfast before settling down to watch the Australian Grand Prix coverage. I was recording it because it started at 6 am, not a time I usually see on a Sunday morning, and so I could skip through the adverts (go on, admit it, you spent the first hour waiting for them too, didn’t you).

It was about 7 am when I sat down in front of the TV and pressed PLAY. As ever, the recording included a few minutes of the previous programme, BBC News 24. Viewers of that programme will know that part of the on-screen information, permanently in view, is a clock.

And they’d forgotten to change the time! The BBC!! Terrible! Honestly, what do I pay my license for if they can’t even remember to change a clock. What is this country coming to?! Look at it, 5.58am! It’s not!! It’s 6.58am ya numpties!



In my defense it was very early, and I hadn’t had any caffeine.

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Mr BW was watching it live – I don’t think the race actually eventually started until about 9…

Lovely to have proper coverage back at last.

And what a brilliant start to the season. Looks like dear Lewis might get a run for his moeny this year.

Just looked at last year’s blog entry. Remember when you were getting your kitchen put in – or rather – waiting for the workmen to SHOW UP to put your kitchen in. I predicted that by the same time next year, it would all be a mere memory. So, with that in mind, how are things with the one year old kitchen?


Shame you’re not going with me to Hungary this year – flights is cheap just now – I broke down and booked a flight for myself. I need the break.

The one year old kitchen has a few scratches but is still looking good, and yes all the hassle is long forgotten.

And yeah, bit miffed about Hungary but it’s only today that I’ve known whether or not we’d be able to afford a holiday at all.

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