Boxing Day. Named because of… er… the empty boxes of … stuff.. or something.

I dunno.

I’ve eaten too much, drank… enough, and now that we are back home I’m nicely chilled out and ready for a curry and a movie. I’ve even put my new slippers on.

Christmas Day was a good one, good presents, good food and great company. Can’t ask for much more really (well, you can but that’d be greedy). We ended up with the usual Trivial Pursuit (with the ‘boys’ reigning supreme!) before firing up the Wii and playing silly games until the wee hours.

This morning I had my traditional breakfast, finishing off the trifle, and having left my parents late morning, we dropped in to see my Gran, who was very happy with her present; Violet, her new (sponsored) Orangutan. She (my Gran, not Violet the Orangutan) also had a good day, once again having a wee Drambuie to herself (from the bottle, through a straw…).

In fact one of the the only downsides came when, on the way home, the car decide it was broken so, after consulting the manual, it was a slow careful drive home and I’ll take it down to the garage tomorrow. Such is life.

Until then the curry is ordered, there is a cold beer gathering condensation as I type and it’s either Wall-E, Cars, The Shawshank Redemption, or the GodFather Trilogy.

Hope your Christmas Day was as good, and I’m sure you were all good girls and boys and got lots of fabby presents. Right?


  1. Jane said:

    Mmmm sounds like a really good Christmas and Boxing Day. My fabby present was an Ipod touch which I am very much hearting.

    (Hope fixing the car doesn’t wipe out the feeling of good cheer)

    December 26, 2008
  2. VioletSky said:

    So, you forgot to buy the car a pressie, didn’t you?

    December 27, 2008

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