A Great Day

Yesterday we had a Naming Ceremony for Jack. Just us and a small group of friends and family, the people we know will be in his life for years to come. Alas some people weren’t able to be there, but we know he was in their thoughts on this special day.

We all gathered at Pollok House and after a lovely humanist ceremony delivered by https://www.facebook.com/gerrie.douglasscott we all applauded as we welcomed Master Jack McLean! What a great wee guy he was on the day, all dressed up in his shirt and waistcoat with smiles for everyone, blowing bubbles at every opportunity, and generally reminding everyone just how cute he is.

I’ll happily concede that the day was more about bringing people together than any notion of a ceremony for Jack. We aren’t religious, this wasn’t a ‘substitute christening or baptism’, but we did want to do something for him, and hopefully he can look back on the photos and videos and get a sense of how lucky and loved he is and how that hasn’t changed as the years have gone by. We did appoint two Champions though, my sister Jennie and Becca’s brother Robbie, who promised to be there for him, and support him and help him grow in ways we can’t.

For Becca and I it was a wonderful day, bringing both our families and all our favourite people together, and the love and joy in the room was palpable. It was so nice to be able to mingle with everyone afterwards, enjoying donuts (thanks Nic’s NYC Deli) and cupcakes (thanks I Love Cupcakes) as well as the food served up by Pollok House staff. And what a glorious venue it was, even if the day was a bit dreich, it felt cosy without being small, and the staff were wonderful. Can’t wait to see the photos (we hired the wonderful Leigh at Pearl and Plum) to see all the love and laughter that filled the room.

Ohhh and Becca and I got married too, cos why not! It was a surprise for everyone, and just made the day so much happier and giddy.

Which is exactly how I feel, so very happy with my life, with my amazing son who is coming on leaps and bounds, and with the knowledge I’ve just married my best friend

What a great day.

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