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OK, perhaps if I head back to some previous “unblocking” techniques I might be able to kick start my blogging mojo.

Remember when Referrer Searches were all the rage? Back when we all suddenly discovered that our blogs were being indexed by something called “Google” (weird name…) and that meant we could see how people came to find our blogs? Those were the days, eh!!

So, aprop… ohh I’ve done that…

So, without further ado here are the top 12 search referrals (slightly filtered):

  1. gordon mclean
  2. itunes stuttering
  3. my mother is an idiot
  4. how to make a cup of tea
  5. how to kung fu withdraw testicles
  6. jamie bulger email
  7. 37signals apps
  8. monitor rss start torrent
  9. recipes for chicken with red pesto
  10. one mans
  11. voyeuer nature
  12. mrmen

To be fair, there are multiple variations on “red pesto chicken“, as well as “iTunes stutter“, and “how to make tea” but they fail to knock a good old ego search off the top of the list. And no, it’s not me googling myself… honest.

I should also apologise, again, to my mother for calling her an idiot, and I should point out that I no longer use ANY of the 37signals apps that I seemed to be so bothered about last year.

And, finally, I have NO idea how to “kung fu withdraw testicles” but it sure sounds like something that would come in handy… at some point… if my testicles were under threat I mean…

I think I’ll stop there.

Now, what should I do for my next post?

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I suspect that #5 may come in very handy now that #3 has been revitalised as a subject…

Seriously though, write what you want to.

I know you feel there’s pressure due to audience etc., and I fully understand that (comparing D4D™ of now to D4D™ of four years back, they’re very different beasts too) but it comes to a point of whether you carry on writing what you want, or writing what you feel you should (or shouldn’t, depending on that audience)

So my suggestion would be to do a braindump, and just let your head splurge out onto the page. See how it goes.

In short, I know I’ll read whatever you’ve got to say – and I suspect the same is true for a lot of people who come here on a regular basis – so just go for it, and ignore (or at least work with) that feeling of audience, if that’s what’s getting to you.

Regular readers know that people change with time – yes, you’ve changed over the years, but well fuck it, we’re still here and reading, aren’t we? ๐Ÿ™‚

Cheers Lyle. I think there is a mix of stuff going on all of which have contributed to “loss of blogging mojo”.

And I know I can write what I want, I really do. Just as I know that I’d probably offend some people but I’m ok with that as well.

It’s a blog. Therefore kittens.


you can’t be doing it as long as you have and not have a little block. Man, I’ve known marriages to last less time. Don’t be too hard on yourself and maybe ask yourself “What is it that makes people come back time and again?”

Maybe you should do a meme?

[Seriously, uncovering the actual reason may help. I don’t believe in writer’s block for its own sake. To be honest, I probably couldn’t write either, if I knew my mom was reading my tripe. Just my two, for whatever their worth, since I do believe there’s something under all of this, waiting to come out.]

mum says:

Apology accepted!

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