Having been off work for a few days (a bad cold, I’ll live), and when not sleeping, sneezing or blowing my nose, I’ve been thinking about this blog and if I can commit to a more regular schedule of posting.

The recent posts on Consideration Layers were, I hoped, designed to prompt comment and discussion, two things that I can’t seem to make much headway into here. I have pretty good RSS reading figures but this remains a small blog, with a low numbers of readers.

Whilst I do try and keep a reserve of possible topics, I still tend to react to things when posting here but hopefully the coming months will change that.

For one, we are getting close to starting our journey towards single source at work, so I’d imagine there will be plenty of things there that will spark some blog posts here. I’m also hoping to get to a couple of conferences later in the year and they are always good for getting the creative juices following, and stirring up some enthusiasm.

Until then I’ll just take things as they come. Unless anyone has any suggestions, questions or comments?

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