Ain't so crazy

Last night was partly about the crazy golf and the glow in the dark ten-pin bowling, partly about having a few drinks but mainly about spending some time with our friends Susan and Ian.

Some observations.

1. We ain’t mad about crazy golf.
The course was pirate themed and include a hole played on a pirate ship! Yarrr… except the actual holes weren’t all that challenging or imaginative, in fact it was all a little sedate. Admittedly I am comparing this to that episode of the Simpsons, and vaguely to that movie about a man building the ultimate crazy golf course (or was it a TV show?).

2. Glow in the dark ten-pin bowling requires it to be dark!
Thom Yorke commented on this last week but it just doesn’t get dark in these parts until going on 10.30pm, in fact there was still visible light when we left the pub just past midnight. As such the bowling alleys were still quite bright.

Also when you say “glow in the dark” mean that! Don’t just bung up some UV lighting and offer funny coloured bowls (hey maybe JonnyB could try that down the village green!).

And finally, why were the ‘bumpers’ up in all the lanes? (and furthermore why, WITH the bumpers up did I struggle to break 100!)

3. Pitchers of cocktails are a waste of money
Not a startling revelation but having watched the girl behind the bar pour four measures of alcohol into a pitcher almost full of ice, then fill the rest with lemonade.. yeah, that’s an expensive way to get drunk! Still it kept my darling wife happy, she does love her blue drinks…

4. We have a local!
Susan and Ian live about 5 minutes from us and there is a pub handily placed bang on halfway. Alas it’s a shady looking place and we wouldn’t go near it in a month of Wednesdays. However we finally got around to trying the next pub down the road (about 10 minutes away) and it was ok.

They even have a quiz on a Thursday night… a fact that had Louise almost skipping for joy.

Right, back to work for me (yeah, on a Saturday, meh). Although I have just remembered that, last night, SOMEONE said I could purchase a PlayStation3… maybe a quick trip to Braehead shopping centre for me on the way home!

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