This post is entirely to save my own sanity. Feel free to skip it but if I don’t write all this down my head will explode.

Today I await the arrival of a new kitchen worktop and need to visit the doctor (well the nurse) to get my blood pressure taken again. I’ve been pretty good watching what I eat, not adding salt to anything (well a tiny amount to that tasteless bowl of chicken soup.. ick) and I’ve also managed to lose about 5lbs so it’s all good, I hope.

Tomorrow night Louise is out seeing South Pacific. Not my favourite show so quite glad I’m not going, it’ll give me a chance to sort through my bookshelves (some of them at least).

Saturday (22nd) night we are out to dinner with my sister and her boyfriend, then off to see Jimmy Carr. I’m expecting sore sides on Sunday morning.

Although I might have to work on Sunday so I hope they aren’t too sore.

Alas I might also have to work on Monday (Bank Holiday or not, but I’ll get the days back…).

At some point next week the article I wrote for Credit Control Journal (exciting stuff) will be published.

Tuesday (25th) of next week I’m through in Edinburgh in the evening at a SUPA event (ohh dahhhlling that’s supa!), which will give me some blog fodder for that other blog I have as well as being pretty damn interesting in general.

Thursday (27th) of next week, we are at the dentist at 9.30am. Well Louise is, but as we share the commute these days it means I’ll also be late into the office.

Friday (28th) of next week is Games Night at work, and I’m looking forward to chilling out a little, playing Guitar Hero, eating pizza and generally being a bit geeky.

On Monday the 31st of March the kitchen fitters arrive. I’m not saying any more on THAT topic lest I jinx things but it does mean the next few weekends will consist of flooring, papering, cleaning and of course we’ll need to buy new stuff (basin, bins, that kind of thing).

On Friday the 4th of April I’ll be at the Elbow gig at the ABC in Glasgow (anyone else going??).

On Friday the 11th of April we have a Development night out (allegedly, it’s still to be arranged).

And on Saturday the 12th April I’ll be at the Portishead gig in the Corn Exchange in Edinburgh. That’ll be odd as their new album isn’t released until the 28th…

At some point in April we will be going down to see Peggy and family so Louise and her get a chance to meet before we fly off to Hungary together at the start of May.

I’ve also got an article in the ISTC quarterly publication, Communicator, but not sure when that is appearing, and I’ve got a regular slot in their monthly newsletter starting this month. Both will be covered on t’other blog.


Ever wondered how the time goes by so quickly? THAT’S why!!

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I’ll be at both Elbow and Portishead, should be good! Thought you’d be attending the Highland Fling on the 3rd of April too, no?

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