Isn’t it amazing how quickly you can adapt to your given circumstance.

I’m sitting on the couch, laptop on, ehhh, my lap, to my immediate right is our dishwasher, to my left the washing machine blocks half of the other sofa, the fridge/freezer sitting behind it blocks the other. The other half of the living room holds the contents of the kitchen cupboards and the kettle. The hallway is stacked high with boxes containing the new kitchen and everytime the phone goes we need to clamber over the washing machine to get to it. We are washing dishes in the bathroom sink and the patio has the remnants of the old kitchen, the old cooker and a few other bits and bobs to go to the skip.

Yet I’m surprisingly stress free which, given the nonsense over the weekend with the taxi driver, is both surprising and very welcome as, apparently, my blood pressure is high.

When I was at the doctors last week to see about my cough (lung infection as it turned out) she also took my blood pressure and it was a little high the first time, and the second time, and the third time. So I’m going back tomorrow to get it taken again. Given the past week I was worried that I was on the verge of a heart attack but I actually feel quite relaxed and calm.

Maybe I’ve got all my stress out of my system…

I’m taking things a little easier on the web front at the moment, as we are heading into a busy time at work so between that and the kitchen I won’t have that much time. Fear not, everything and everyone is fine and now that I’ve said that I’ll be too busy I will, as usual, probably blog more in the coming weeks than I have for a while.

As I said, it’s amazing how quickly you can adapt to your given circumstance.

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