Needing a diversion

We are considering going to the cinema tonight. Vantage Point looks like a nicely escapist kind of movie to take our minds of the state of our house at the moment, and the hassles we had last night.

I’m not going into the details but suffice to say that I had to fill in an incident report with the Police after a taxi driver (black cab) scrapped along the back of my car trying to get round me and then, after sharing a few choice words, drove off without giving me his details.

Well except for the license plate and cab number on the back of course…

I’d pulled in to the side of the road to let Louise out of the car, it was pouring with rain and we were on a rescue mission to get our niece who wasn’t well. I was sitting with the back end of the car sticking out across a side street, but I’d planned to drop Louise off and then go and find somewhere to park.

The taxi was parked in the side street waiting on a fare. I was trying to reverse to I could pull out, but the traffic behind me wouldn’t let me out, the taxi got a fare and, whilst shouting obscenities out the window at me (apparently I’m a “fucking genius moron”) managed to clip the back of my car.

Livid, I jumped out, as did he. He continued to shout at me whilst I stood at the car door asking him how the hell I was supposed to get out of his road if he wouldn’t let me reverse 2 feet. He started walking towards me, round the back of my car and obviously saw (or THOUGHT) that the damage to my car wasn’t anything, and suddenly he was all “let’s calm down, no problem..” and offered to shake hands.

I hadn’t moved, refused to shake hands and as he started to walk back to his cab I walked round to the back of the car. As I reached it, he was getting back in his cab and driving off which, as the policeman who took the incident report pointed out, means he’s been involved in a car accident and not given his details.

I was within my rights to pull in to let a passenger alight and, frankly, after the way the arrogant tosser acted I hope they take his license off him.

There isn’t too much obvious damage to the car, the paint work will need resprayed, and I’ll be getting it checked out anyway.

It’s one of the few times in my life where I’ve consciously thought, ‘Right, if he takes one more aggressive step towards me, I’ll meet him halfway with my fist’. I was LIVID.

A crap ending to a good day, visiting family, winning the only rugby game that really matters and we’d just sat down to watch 16 Blocks. So, today Louise is out shopping and I’m gonna turn on the Wii, turn the volume up and practise Guitar Hero until my fingers bleed!

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Bloody taxi drivers. They should be banned. Hope it all gets sorted out. I did smile though when I visited the blog to comment and saw a Google ad for cheap taxi insurance. Sorry.

Ian's Mum says:

Also the kitchen fitter ad.

Gordon hope life gets better soon.

Actually we are both surprisingly calm about everything, very much a case of “well not much else for it” and just dealing with things.

Thanks though.

Another previous profession of mine (will I ever be allowed to another blogmeet?).

Make sure you report the tosser to the cab office too (part of the council), as the communication channels between them, the police, and insurance companies aren’t great).

Please let us know how it all works out. I’m so glad you had the presence of mind to get the license number. What an asshole (the taxi driver, not you)!

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