Beginner's Guide to Guitar Hero

We got a Wii in January, and Guitar Hero arrived this week. I’ve not played it much but there are a few tips I thought I’d pass on.

The first one is obvious, if you don’t have it (and you like rock music) GET IT! I know it’s hard to find, I ended up ordering mine online. I first played it at about 2am on New Year morning, and was instantly taken with it. It’s quite a straightforward game but is completely absorbing, mind you I’m not sure the word ‘game’ is adequate, it’s more an entertainment experience or something…

The next tip is to make sure you’ve closed the curtains, drawn the blinds, and generally are free to prance around your living room like a twat. Not that you’ll be prancing much but you do want to be…

…standing up. Tip three made a real difference to me, and whilst I’m not entirely sure why I do know that being able to move along to the music really helped me suss out the combinations and rhythms.

And finally have an alarm clock or some method of alerting you of the time. The temptation for just one more song is high and before you know it, you’ll hearing a banging from upstairs as your wife gently yells that it’s TWO FUCKING AM! SHUT UP!! as you shred through some more AC/DC… allegedly.

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So true, also, be sure and start off with an easy song, leaping into Cream’s “Sunshine of your Love” may sound like a good idea, but unless you have previous GH experience, you’ll suffer MASSIVE fail

It’s indeed an addictive game. I’ve held off on buying it for that very reason (but I will). I promised myself to wait until I buy a Xbox 360, even though I can get one for the Wii at any time. But I know that once I get it at home, I’ll be a Guitar Hero zombie.

Apparently Rock Band is going to be coming for the Wii soon… I’m holding out for that ๐Ÿ™‚

Actually Greg, that was the first song I tried, as I know it well… 98% on first go on easy… I ROCK!!

Adi says:

I now have 4 versions of GH and it is one of the best games ever! The best advice I can give is be patient with it, master the easier modes before moving on, you will want to throw the f*ck*ng thing across the room many times but eventually you will be practicing on extreme to get those 5 stars on HARD like me! Rock on my GH bretherin.

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