Leveraging the dynamics of writing

I’ve spent the last couple of days writing an article for an industry magazine. It’s not something I’ve done before and I thoroughly enjoyed the challenge. It was aimed at CEO/CFO level, so was heavy on business aspects and lingo, not something I’m comfortable writing to be honest, I prefer plain english.

However, what really surprised me was how quickly I got into the mindset and soon I was “dynamically leveraging” and “interactively promoting” all sorts of things. Now I need shake myself to make sure it doesn’t creep into my normal technical writing.

Still, it was an interesting exercise and the skillset is the same, it’s only the language that differs. I still needed to write with the correct user in mind, needed to phrase and structure the information in a way that makes sense to them, and I needed to pitch the technical level of the article correctly.

Of course, as the article is for a magazine, the tone could be a little lighter and it was fun to experiment with this. For example, I opened the article with a first-person scenario which although I’ve been writing a blog for a few years now was still a challenge, for this humble technical writer!

I’m waiting on feedback from the PR company, but hopefully it’ll get published. Fingers crossed.