What’s in store for 2008?

Back after a couple of weeks of merriment, over-eating and general lazing about. Hopefully the festive season was as good to you as it was to me.

But enough looking back, this time of year is all about looking forward. So what is coming up in the next 12 months?

Well, I’m hoping to start migrating some content from Structured FrameMaker to AuthorIT, having decided that the overheads required to get DITA up and running just don’t stack up against the cost of ownership of AuthorIT. I’m a big fan of the principles behind DITA, and I will keep up-to-speed with progress, but it doesn’t suit our needs here.

I’m also hoping to post a bit more often here, and I’m also toying with writing up an article or two for the ISTC magazine, Communicator. As ever, those will be the first things to go when project deadlines need to be met, but I’ll give it a try. One thing I won’t be doing is undertaking an MA in Technical Communications. The course starts this month and there is just too much going on in my life at the moment… maybe I’ll join the September influx. We’ll see.

I will, of course, be expanding on the themes I’ve been posting about recently, specifically the role of the modern Technical Communicator in a forward-facing software company. I’m hoping to make some strides in this area and I’ll be sure to write up my thoughts on a variety of topics. I’m also hoping to hear more from YOU, dear reader. Whilst I did start this blog as a way of getting my own thoughts straight, it’s been great to read your comments over the past year. Blogging is all about the conversation, so please, don’t be shy.

Here’s to a wonderful year!

Right, I’m off to write up that article I had completely forgotten about.


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