Find a blog

Right you lot, let’s shake some of those summer holiday cobwebs out of our systems!

Yes, I think it’s about time we all put a little more effort into our blogs, and spent less time faffing about in real life doing interesting things. I don’t want to hear about your holiday, I don’t want to hear about the FABulous paahtayy you attended with Jemima and Erimintrude, nor do I care to read about the latest installment in your ongoing battle with the moss in your front lawn.

This is blogging people, and I ask, nay demand! more from you all!!

(Ed: ohh hark at him, who does he think he is??)

Ohh alright.

But if you DO get a moment, why not try and find a new blog, and if you find anything any good, nominate it at Post of the Week. Simple enough?

Go on. You know you want to…


  1. Says the guy galavanting around town, attending gaming nights, BBQs, and birthdays! Bah!

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