12 days after?

Apparently decorations are supposed to stay up until 12 days after Christmas. Balls to that, this site will revert to a more subdued hue tomorrow. Similarly we’ve taken down our decorations. Back to the grind it seems.

But not before repairing the broken garden fence which we received as a new year present (at about 7.30pm on Hogmanay). Yes, that’s right, the concrete post snapped. Admittedly it was old and crumbling, and we do live at the top of a hill so it can be pretty exposed… but still, it was pretty bloody windy!

We ignored it though, and headed down to our friends house, returning home at 4.30am, lightly sozzled and ready for the New Year. Well, ready for bed at least…

The next few days will be busy for me, a few things to complete before I start my new job, and hopefully I’ll finally manage to shake off this bloody cold that has plagued me since Christmas Eve.

Anyway, it’s now 2007, time to look forward, and whilst we don’t make resolutions, we are both determined to continue with our ‘get healthy’ plans that we started in the summer. Needless to say we’ve regressed slightly… ohh ok, a LOT over the past few weeks, but I’m positively itching to go out for a run, hopefully at the weekend.

After that, who knows?

Here’s hoping 2007 brings people everything they desire and deserve.