Ahoy shipmates

Tonight we are boiling eggs.

Lots of eggs.

We will then turn the mountain of boiled eggs into a feast of epic proportions… or maybe just slather them with mayonnaise and add a dash of paprika. Slather. Now THERE’S a good word!

No we are not starting some new fancy schmancy diet, we are helping prepare some dishes for a cold buffet to be served tomorrow evening at our nephew’s going away party. Why? Because he’s going away.

To see.

On the sea.

In a boat.. umm.. ship… tanker?

He leaves later this month and will spend three months at sea, learning his craft as a deck officer (I think) in the Merchant Navy. He’s off to South America – I’ve still to find out if he’s “caping” (and yes I may have made up that term, but I don’t think so) – and will miss both Xmas and his birthday, so tomorrow he gets both rolled into one.

I’ve not yet mentioned the reputation that the seas around Cape Horn hold, and I certainly won’t be pointing them out to his Mum!