Ice cream and exercise

What a wonderful weekend.

Friday night saw us out to dinner with my family, dining in the hotel in which Louise and I were married. We even managed to sneak in a wee birthday cake for my Dad, such are the benefits of knowing the owners, although that can backfire too… the pudding my Mum and I ordered was, I’m pretty sure, double helpings! Completely stuffed, a feeling that has been missing the past few weeks as our house is currently in the midst of a diet embargo.

Saturday morning, Dad and I head to the local gym for a wee run, my first on a treadmill for sometime. How boring it is, I much prefer the wind and rain, although we’ll see how that goes come the winter! The afternoon was part two of Dad’s birthday celebration with friends and family descending on my parents house, unfortunately the buffet lunch was rudely interrupted when an ice cream van parked itself right in front of the house.

Funnily enough it was playing Happy Birthday as it pulled up. The look on my Dad’s face was priceless!

I should explain that, and this is a family trait, my Dad is a bit of an ice cream fanatic and this was all part of his birthday. It didn’t take long for everyone to form an (un)orderly queue, with double nougats, 99s and oysters being consumed with some glee!

Out for another run this morning, and then home for a fairly lazy afternoon, and to sort out a location for next week’s blogmeet. Yes, it was a good weekend.

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