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UPDATE: Great stuff so far, I’ve started pulling the playlist together so thanks to everyone for the suggestions. Keep them coming though, there is still time to win!

With everything that’s going on at the moment I have to admit that the jogging thing is keeping me focussed and reasonably sane, but then that’s part of the point of doing it. Alongside the whole “get fit/lose weight” thang there is another factor which I’m looking forward to gaining, the “mental release” that regular exercise brings. Those who do it will know what I mean, those who don’t, or haven’t, won’t. And for those who are confused, don’t worry. I am too.

Thankfully, despite the heat, I still have the motivation to go along to the class tonight and I’m hoping to get to Achilles Heel soon to get my gait assessed so I can buy a proper pair of shoes. The classes run for the next 9 weeks, and I’ll see how I’m doing after that. If things are going well I might even shell out for the new Nike+ system (it’s only £19 as you don’t NEED to buy the trainers and I already have an iPod Nano). I mean I can’t start a new hobby and NOT buy a gadget to go with it… er… aside from my new watch of course (which I got for around £20 on eBay, yay!).

So, with my current determination to ‘be a runner’ still intact —hell, I’m *this* close to subscribing to Runner’s World magazine (and that’s their choice of apostrophe… with good reason!)— I thought I may as well take it as read that I’ll be getting the Nike+ system in which case, obviously, I’ll need a good “running” playlist!

And, as ever (hey, this is the internet!) I can’t be bothered thinking it ALL up myself so it’s over to you guys. What? You want some pointers? Sheesh, do I have to do EVERYTHING around here?? Ohhh, alright then…

Pace wise the tracks can’t be too slow or laidback. I’d much rather have music than any spoken word stuff (podcasts, audio books, radio etc). The first few bands/tracks that have popped into my head are either dance music (Chemical Brothers) or rock (AC/DC, Muse). Basically it needs to be loud, not too subtle and provide some ‘energy’ when used. Music type and era isn’t an issue, availability is. If I can’t get it from iTunes or some other method then don’t suggest it.

AND, to spice things up a little, how about a little competition.

The Nike+ system includes the ability to set a “Power Song” which you can play at the push of a button, so whoever offers the best suggestion* for a “Power Song” will win a copy of the final “Running Wild” playlist (on MP3 CD probably).

So, I’ll need the track title, the artist and whether it’s a general “running” track or a “Power Song“.

Entries close on this coming Saturday (22nd July). Multiple entries allowed. The decision of the judge (me) is final. All other rules, that I’ve not yet considered, apply.

It’s the first ever competition on this site, so make the most of it!

* I’d love to give criteria for how this will be judged – it’ll mainly be down to which track I get the best ‘buzz’ from so be as wild and wacky as you like.

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