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Inspired by Lisa and Rob, I’ve got a little quiz for you.

It’s simple enough, 25 lyrics, guess the song and artist. I’ve used the “Party Shuffle” mode of iTunes to pull 25 random tracks from my library, so don’t blame me… entirely..

Ohh and it’s not always the first line of the song, some were a little to obvious for that.

UPDATE: DEADLINE passed, here are the answers to all… er… 26 tracks

  1. I want your tender charms, cause I’m lonely and blue
    Rescue Me by Fontella BassPB Curtis
  2. Spread out the oil, the gasoline. I walk smooth, ride in a mean, mean machine
    Start me up by The Rolling Stones
  3. From the torn or taffeta, You’re frozen in the contemplation of a win
    4 pounds in 2 days by Lambchop
  4. Go hug your sister, Go love your sister, Go hug your sister, One and the same<
    Pistol of fire by Kings of Loen/li>
  5. You can hear, dear Mother Nature murmuring low “Let yourself go”
    It’s De-Lovely by Cole Porter (sung by Jeri Southern) – Cheerful One
  6. And her hunky funky junky, Of a boyfriend, Got her on late nights, With her skirt tight
    High Times by Jamiroquai
  7. With all the will in the world, Diving for dear life
    Shipbuilding by Elvis CostelloRullsenberg
  8. Put your hair back, we get to leave, Eleven gallows on your sleeve
    Perfect Circle by R.E.M.David
  9. Inside you’re pretending, Crimes have been swept aside, Somewhere where they can forget
    Mysterions by Portishead
  10. Seven out a twenty one knocked down now only fourteen left to go
    Out of nowhere by Athlete
  11. There is nothin’ fair in this world, There is nothin’ safe in this world
    White Wedding by Billy IdolJoanna
  12. I got a faulty parachute, I got a stranger’s friend, An exciting change in, My butchers blend
    Losing Hope by Jack Johnson
  13. I have a choice between the bat or the belt, each time I hear about the hand you’ve been dealt
    Wind Up by Foo Fighters
  14. Petrified for the millionth time. Slowly my soul evaporates, No parachutes no dismal clouds, Just this fucking space
    I’m not working by the Manic Street PreachersLyle
  15. Fear me you lord and lady preachers, I descend upon your earth from the skies
    Seven Seas of Rhye by QueenTom
  16. L.A. proved too much for the man, So he’s leavin’ the life he’s come to know
    Midnight train to Georgia by Gladys Knightrobin
  17. You stay the night at his house, With no ride to work, And I’m the one who tells you, He’s another jerk
    You by Aimee Mannpootlecat
  18. We dive into a dark doorway, Hiding from the clouds of grey, Oh babe, I don’t mind it at all
    Scottish Rain by The Silencers
  19. May God bless and keep you always, May your wishes all come true, May you always do for others, And let others do for you.
    Forever young by Bob Dylan – Canute
  20. Yeah but nobody searches, And nobody cares somehow, When the loving that you’ve wasted, Comes raining from a hapless cloud
    Slow Hands by Interpol
  21. I dont have to sell my soul, Hes already in me
    I Wanna be adored by The Stone RosesRullsenberg
  22. Hold up, hold on, don’t be scared, You’ll never change what’s been and gone
    Stop crying your heart out by Oasis
  23. And into the sea goes pretty England and me, Around the Bay of Biscay and back for tea
    This is a Low by BlurKerron
  24. A year ago, last Thursday, I was strolling in the zoo, when I met a man who thought he knew the lot
    I’m a Gnu by Flanders and SwannZ
  25. Viktor was born in the spring of ’44, And never saw his father anymore, A child of sacrifice, a child of war
    Leningrad by Billy JoelBlue Witch
  26. Lost in a lullaby, Side of the road, Melt in a memory, Slide in a solitude
    Fugitive Motel by Elbow

Honourable mentions: Adrian McEwen.

Right. Have at it people! I’ll update correct guesses when I can over the weekend. Ohh and we all KNOW it’d be easy to just Google for the answers but what’s the point in that?

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