A quick jaunt through to Dumbarton on Saturday, lunch with parents, and home just after three. Disappointed by the rugby but still proud.

We locked the door, opened a bottle of wine, to go with the pie, chips, and beans we had for dinner, we’re nothing if not classy, and settled down to watch Man on Fire. Not bad, I quite like Denzel playing a ‘bad’ guy.

Today Louise has been working and I’ve watched the first F1 Grand Prix of the season. How good was Alonso coming out of the pitlane after his last stop?! Picture me screaming at the TV for him not to yield to Michael! DO NOT YIELD!!! Louise shaking her head in the background. I’m just delighted that someone with a personality is winning, loved the way he checked his hair in the camera before marching on to the top step of the podium.

It’s just as well we didn’t plan on going out today anyway, 6 inches of snow overnight, and most of it still lying around.

And so, with a couple of hours before Planet Earth and 24, to work.

I won’t mention the France vs England game though…

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